Stage II Lesson Series


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For musicians with experience but still fairly new to improvising, these lessons will help you continue to build your theory knowledge, develop your improvisation Vocabulary, and get more soul into your playing.

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Stage II

Jazz Sound and Style
Learn how to give your music that jazz sound and style.

Jazz Improvisation; How to Play Chord Changes
Take the first steps toward learning how to improvise over tunes with chord changes.

Shaping the Blues Scale, Parts 1&2
Locate and use the soulful sounds of the blues scale.

Sax Tips; Inflection and Embellishments
The growl, vibrato, scoops, and more are addressed in these videos.

Relating the Pentatonics, Parts 1&2
Learn the relationship between the major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, and blues scales. We work together at improvising using the minor pentatonic and a play-along.

Major, Minor, Dominant; What’s the Difference/Intervals- The Building Blocks of Jazz
Learn the differences between basic major, minor, and dominant chords and arpeggios and guide to understanding the different simple intervals with playing exercises for internalizing them.

The Foundation of Technique and Harmony
Combine the study of jazz theory with practice designed to build your technique and an internalized knowledge of the foundation of jazz harmony.

Metronome Obsession: Practicing in Time
Some of my favorite practice techniques for building your technique and internal sense of time, tempo, and rhythm.

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Complete Series [All Lessons Included], Jazz Sound and Style, Jazz Improvisation: How to Play Chord Changes, Shaping the Blues Scale, Parts 1&2, Sax Tips; Inflection & Embellishments, Relating the Pentatonic, Parts 1 & 2, Major, Minor, Dominant; What’s the Difference/Intervals; The Building Blocks of Jazz (2-Lesson Set), The Foundation of Technique and Harmony, Metronome Obsession; Practicing in Time


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