Basics of the Blues Series


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NEW: The Basics of the Blues These lessons cover a variety of blues related topics and practice approaches I’ve worked out in live lessons with students in my private studio. Look for new lessons to appear in the near future!
Lesson Sample:

Blues Basics Part 1- Connecting the Triads
This lesson provides a practice routine for learning to connect the triads found in the basic blues chord progression. The objective is to learn to play the chord changes with accuracy and smoothness.
Skill Level: Easy-Medium

Blues Basics Part 2- Pentatonics and Passing Tones
Learn to combine the basic pentatonic scales, 7ths, and chromatic passing tones using this set of exercises and a Bb Blues play-along track. The objective is to add harmonic depth to your blues vocabulary.
Skill Level: Medium

Blues Basics Part 3- The Rockin’ Boppin’ Blues Lick
This is a great lick that includes elements of the major blues scale and the dominant bebop scale into a passage that can be used in its entirety or as a concept in your rock and blues playing.
Skill Level: Medium

Blues Basics Part 4- Blues and the Cycle of Dominants
This lesson explains the relationship between the Circle of Fourths and the blues. You’ll learn how practicing ideas around the cycle develops your ability to play the blues and transport your musical ideas to different keys. A Cycle of Dominants play-along track is included with exercises that range from basic to difficult.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced

Blues Basics Part 5- Learning the Blues in All Keys
Like the title says, this lesson takes you through the steps of learning to play the blues in all 12 keys. Shuffle blues play-along tracks in all keys are included.
Skill Level: Advanced

Blues Basics Part 6- Tradin’ 4’s with the Blues
Sometimes you just want to play the blues. All we do in these videos is trade 4’s with blues tracks in all keys. A variety of styles and tempos are included making this a fun set of videos. Perfect for phrasing practice with the blues scales or working out Blues Basics concepts in different keys.

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Complete Series (All Lessons Included), Part 1- Connecting the Triads, Part 2 – Pentatonic and Passing Tones, Part 3 – The Rockin’ Boppin’ Blues Lick, Part 4 – Blues and the Cycle of Dominants, Part 5 – Learning the Blues in All Keys, Part 6: Tradin’ 4’s


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