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Jazz Saxophone for Beginners
Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

Saxophone Lessons

Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach
(Not Just for Beginners!)

Online Jazz Improvisation and Beginning Sax Lessons

By Randy Hunter

Also available for Skype Lessons
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Sax Questions and a page full of Free Extras for sax players!

Jazz Saxophone for Beginners
Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

Beginning Saxophone Lessons

Beginning and Returning Sax Players Start Here For Free!

10-lesson course covering the basics of saxophone playing, reading music, and Jammin’- All With A Jazz Focus!

Jazz Improvisation Courses Beginning through Advanced Jazz Improvisation Lessons

Soloing on Tunes, The Basics of the Blues, Stages I-IV, And More!

Jazz Saxophone for Beginners
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Jazz Books by Randy Hunter

My jazz etude and duet books are now available as digital downloads (PDF & MP3). You’ll find options for many different instruments!

Beginning Saxophone Q&A’s

Check out my YouTube playlist of Beginning Saxophone Questions and Answers and other instructional videos at

Jazz Saxophone for Beginners
Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

Free Saxophone Extras!

Saxophone Fingering Chart
Saxophone Scales
Saxophone Transposition