Beginning Sax Lessons

Thank you for choosing “Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach”, as your online method for learning to play the saxophone!

Here’s what’s included in the series:

  1. Written instruction is provided with each lesson. Included are “Playing Exercises” and information on interpreting and understanding the new concepts introduced in each lesson. Supplemental and review exercises are also included with most lessons.
  2. An MP4 video is included with each lesson. The video provides additional instruction and tips on how to practice and understand the concepts and exercises provided in each written (PDF) lesson.
  3. Video demonstrations of the “Playing Exercises” are included with each lesson.
  4. Lessons 3-10 each include an additional video lesson entitled “Jammin’!” These lessons provide an introduction to jazz improvisation and include play-along examples.
  5. A separate play-along track (MP3) with a top notch professional rhythm section is included with Lessons 3-10, so you can have fun learning to improvise and “Jammin'” on your own.

Get started for free using the videos below and the downloadable written material!

Saxophone Assembly-PDF

Saxophone Assembly-Video

Making Sounds and Getting Started-PDF

Making Sounds-Video

Getting Started on Tenor Sax Video

Getting Started on Alto Sax Video

Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

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Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

The Beginning Alto Sax Series

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Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

The Beginning Tenor Sax Series

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Jazz Saxophone for Beginners

The Complete Beginning Sax Series

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