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Lessons in the Quick Tunes series are available in sets or individually. In these lessons we’ll go directly to the process of learning and soloing on classic tunes. Phrasing demonstration and instructional videos along with a play-along track and written file are included with each lesson. The written melodies are not included, but in most cases I can help you locate them.

View samples from the lessons in this YouTube Playlist:

Set 1 Lessons

I’m in the Mood For Love
Develop an understanding of the chord-to-chord the harmony as we work on developing melodic phrases over this timeless classic. This is a fun tune to play that we’ll approach at a tempo placed between a ballad and a medium swing.
Skill Level: Medium

Georgia on My Mind
This tune has been at the top of my “lesson request” list for some time and should be in the repertoire of all jazz musicians. In this one we’ll begin with the use of the major blues and basic blues scaled advance to arpeggios and dominant flat 9 sounds- all in an easy-to-follow format.
Skill Level: Medium

The Girl From Ipanema
This is a Bossa Nova that’s in every jazz musicians “Ya Gotta Know This Tune” list. In this one I cover the basics of the “A” section, but break down the dreaded bridge into a practical approach that is easy-to-follow.
Skill Level: Medium

Set 2 Lessons

God Bless the Child
Learn to phrase and solo on the chord changes to this classic tune by Billie Holiday. We’ll develop ideas based on the basic vocabulary all the way to altered dominant sounds.
Skill Level: Medium

Learn the basics of playing and soloing on this Gershwin classic. After establishing an approach to learning the melody by ear, I identify the three primary sounds from the chord progression as we build a soloing approach from the ground up.
Skill Level: Easy-Medium

Blue Bossa
I begin by identifying tonal centers and chordal relationships. Then you’ll learn how to develop interesting solo lines using pentatonic scales, arpeggios, and the harmonic minor scale.
Skill Level: Medium

Set 3 Lessons

Autumn Leaves
Learn to solo on the classic jazz standard, Autumn Leaves. The lesson covers both tonal center and chordal specific soloing concepts.
Skill Level: Easy-Medium

On the Street Where You Live
Learn to solo on this classic tune using steps based on the melody, target tones, and advanced concepts.
Skill Level: Medium

This classic Stanley Turrentine tune has always been a favorite of mine. Learn how to perform the tricky turns in the melody before we take a key centered approach to soloing on this 16-bar blues progression. We’ll also identify some target tones and sounds you can use to place your personal signature on the tunes.
Skill Level: Easy-Medium

Set 4 Lessons

Willow Weep for Me
This lesson combines a blues style approach with learning to play the chord changes. A fun lesson on a classic tune.
Skill Level: Medium

Learn about the use of Lydian scales, a parallel lines in the development of a solo that compliments the “waves” of harmony in this Sam Rivers classic.
Skill Level: Med-Advanced

When Sunny Gets Blue
Learn a melodic approach to navigating the harmony on this beautiful ballad that is often noted for its tricky chord progression.
Skill Level: Med-Advanced

Set 5 Lessons

Minor Blues (ala Stolen Moments)
Learn the basics of the concert C minor blues progression and basic phrasing concepts using the blues scale. I also cover the arpeggios, pentatonic scales, and complete scales associated with each chord. A separate I Play-You Play video is included where you can practice the concepts along with me.
Skill Level: Easy-Medium

The Days of Wine and Roses
After an analysis of the chord progression, we work through the chords and phrase construction simultaneously. A lot of emphasis is placed on the internal motion of the harmony as we develop lines that emphasize connections between the chords.
Skill Level: Med-Advanced

Here’s That Rainy Day
Learn an approach to soloing on this tune that is based on recognizing the tonal centers and the internal motion of the chords. We’ll use several rhythm templates to practice phrasing before completing the lesson with an I Play-You Play session.
Skill Level: Medium

Set 6 Lessons

Take the A-Train
First, we cover basics of the chord progression and musical vocabulary. This is followed by work at Call and Response and development lines in our solo phrasing.

How Insensitive
I take you through an approach to learning the chords individually on this classic Jobim Bossa Nova as I play them on piano and demonstrate on sax. A separate video is included for practicing the chords individually. This is followed by phrasing practice and soloing instruction.

On the Sunny Side of the Street
This is a fun tune to play with interesting chord changes. You’ll learn a logical approach to creating solo lines that take advantage of the colors in the harmony.


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