The Minor ii-V-I Series (Price Range: $5.95-$12.95)


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This 3-part series covers the basics of understanding and playing the common minor ii-V-I progression. You’ll learn about the various chords and scales associated with the progression and how to develop effective solo lines across the changes.

View samples from the lessons in this YouTube video:


Part 1- The Whats and Whys
Learn about the half-diminished, dominant flat 9, altered dominant, and various tonic minor chords associated with minor ii-V-I progressions. A practice routine is offered for learning these chords in different keys.
Skill Level: Medium
Part 2- The Scales
Learn about the scales associated with the different types of chords used in minor ii-V-I progressions. You’ll learn the logic behind the scales as a method for determining the scales in different keys. Scale sheets are included.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced
Part 3- Creating Phrases
Learn to create 2-bar and 4-bar minor ii-V-I phrases. I dissect 4 different passages and explain the logic behind creating effective solo lines. Play-along track included.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced

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Complete Series, Part 1- The Whats and Whys, Part 2- The Scales, Part 3- Creating Phrases


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