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The licks and phrases we commonly play are often at the center of our musical personalities.
Set 1 in this series breaks down 13 basic licks with instruction on how to include the ideas in your solos. You’ll learn how to practice the licks in different keys and how to conceptualize the components, turning them into vocabulary and musical language.

The licks are based on common jazz sounds and are presented as individual lessons ranging between 5-10 minutes each.

View samples from the lessons in this YouTube video:


The Licks:
#1 – The series begins with a Minor 7/Dorian lick that can be played on a 2-bar minor 7 chord or a ii-V progression.
#2 – Next up is a Minor 7 arpeggio lick. Examples from Sonny Stitt and Dexter Gordon solos are incorporated.
#3 – This one is a minor pentatonic lick taken from a funk tune by the JB Horns. It’s suitable for use in a variety of jazz styles.
#4 – A pentatonic lick, suitable for use on major or dominant chords is next. A phrase from blues solo by Scott Hamilton is cited as an example.
#5 – Transcribed from a blues solo by Gene Ammons, this lick presents a major blues scale pick-up.
#6 – This dominant blues arpeggio lick uses blues neighbor tones in a passage transcribed from a master blues tenor saxophonist.
#7 – Learn how this triplet arpeggio based lick can work on either major 7 or minor 7 chords.
#8 – This major/dominant chromatic line is the basis for passages performed by most jazz players. Examples are included from Stanley Turrentine and Hank Mobley solos.
#9 – This up and down chromatic line comes with examples showing how it can be used on dominant or major chords.
#10 – This major lick can be used on major chords but includes a blues inflection adding a touch of soul to the sound.
#11 – This one introduces a basic enclosure in a lick that can serve as a motif or closing passage of a phrase.
#12 – This lick adds additional neighbor and enclosing tones to Lick #11, creating a more embellished and complex line.
#13 – A minor pentatonic pattern is introduced that serves as a melodic basis for the melodies of tunes such as Song For My Father and Sugar

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