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In this series you’ll learn a number of bop concepts in a progressive manner, making for an approach that will help you understand, practice, and improvise passages that have an authentic bop sound and feel. The chord progression from Charlie Parker’s tune, Confirmation, is used as our musical canvas, but the concepts may be applied to many tunes that have fast moving ii-V’s. Slow and Fast play-along tracks and written instruction are included with this
video series.

Transpositions for tenor sax, alto sax, and concert instruments included.

View samples from the lessons in this YouTube playlist:


Part 1: The Guide Tone Connection
Learn how guide tones serve as connection points of chords in bop lines. The exercises will help you build a foundation for more complex bop sounds.

Part 2: Inversions and Displacements
Learn about inversions and displacements, and how these concepts can be used for creating interesting angles in your solo lines.

Part 3: The Enclosure Equation
Learn how to create and combine these signature bop sounds with the concepts covered in parts 1 and 2 to develop solo lines that weave and bop through the chord changes.

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Complete Parts 1-3, Part 1: The Guide Tone Connection, Part 2: Inversions and Displacements, Part 3: The Enclosure Equation


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