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This series includes more lessons on soloing on great jazz classics! Lessons include instructional, phrasing demonstration, and I Play-You Play videos, play-along tracks, and written files. Go to the practice room with confidence in your approach to creating great jazz solos!
Learn more about the lessons in YouTube playlist below. You can also read more about the individual lessons below – and look for Quick Tunes Sets 1-6 and my Soloing on Tunes series in my Jazz Improv Lessons products!

Set 7 Lessons:

Song for My Father

The basics of the chord progression are covered along with a instruction on practicing the tricky turns found in the melody. Improvisation instruction covers the use of pentatonic scales, arpeggios, approach tones, and chromatic passing tones. A supplemental video on the use of overtones in improvisation ala Joe Henderson is also included.

Killer Joe

Learn about the use of Mixolydian and Lydian Dominant scales and arpeggios as we work on creating phrases built around rhythmic templates. This will help you develop a logical approach to creating Call and Response style phrases while keeping your place in the form over extended repeating chords. This is followed with a discussion of advanced concepts.

How High the Moon/Ornithology

Learn about the use of triads, arpeggios, passing tones, approach tones, and developing quick ii-V lines as we work through this tricky chord progression.

Set 8 Lessons:
Recorda Me

Learn to solo on this Joe Henderson classic. We begin with the basics of the chords before moving into guide tone function on the quick moving ii-V-I progressions. Slow and fast I Play-You Play videos make it easy to practice the concepts before moving ahead into independent soloing.

What a Wonderful World

This classic jazz standard popularized by Louis Armstrong makes the perfect canvas for creating melodic solos. We’ll explore a combination of tonal center and chordally specific approaches as we develop an approach to soloing.

Just Friends

With this tune, you’ll learn how to include licks and concepts you’ve studied in your solos. I’ve chosen 3 licks from my Vocabulary, Licks, & Language series for our practice. The licks are included in this lesson, so you don’t have to purchase the Vocabulary series first- but you might want to afterwards!

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Complete Set 7, Song for my Father, Killer Joe, How High the Moon, Complete Set 8, Recorda Me, Wonderful World, Just Friends


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