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This 4-part lesson series takes an arpeggio based exercise and turns it into a conceptual approach toward learning chords, ii-V-I progressions, and improvising on jazz standards. This series lays a foundation for a melodic approach to learning to solo on jazz standards.

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Part 1- The Basic Exercise
Learn a method for practicing the arpeggios to major, minor 7, dominant, half diminished, diminished, and augmented chords that breaks the root bias and moves in a natural manner through the keys.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced
Part 2- Working With Tunes
Learn to adapt the basic exercise to the chord progressions of tunes using the chords and a play-along track to the standard, All the Things You Are. This begins a melodic improvisation journey that expands as the lesson series develops.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced
Part 3- ii-V-I’s
In this lesson, we’ll take the exercise one step farther by adding variations including inversions and flat 9’s as we work major ii-V-I chord progressions through the keys. The exercises and improvisation are performed using a Bossa Nova play-along track.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced
Part 4- Applying Variations to Tunes
Learn to adapt and conceptualize the exercise with more variations as we practice and improvise using a play-along track to Lee Morgan’s standard tune, Ceora.
Skill Level: Advanced

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Complete Series, Part 1- The Basic Exercise, Part 2- Working With Tunes, Part 3- ii-V-I’s, Part 4- Applying Variations to Tunes


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