The What’s, When’s & Why’s of Tritone Subs (Price Range: $6.95-$19.95)


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A tritone substitution between dominant chords may be made by a composer, arranger, or
performer in order to make a musical passage more colorful or interesting. In this 5-part lesson
series, you’ll learn all of the what’s, when’s and why’s of recognizing and including tritone subs
in your improvised solos.

This extensive 5-part lesson series has multiple videos, play-alongs, and | Play-You Play
segments that will help demystify tritone substitution and give you lots of material for taking
your solos and jazz theory chops to the next level.

The lessons may be purchased individually, or at a steep discount for the entire series. | really
want you to have them all!

View samples from the lessons in this YouTube video:


Part 1 – What Is a Tritone Sub
Learn the theory behind tritone substitutions from the ground up. We begin by covering the interval of a tritone and how the substitution is created. Hit the practice room with exercises to help you learn the relationships in different keys.

Part 2 – Compositional Tritone Subs
Learn how and why composers and arrangers use tritone substitutions. In this part, we’ll examine the use of tritone subs in several tunes and the logic behind their usage. You’ll also learn about specific alterations and scales associated with tritone subs.

Part 3 – The Pentatonic Equation
Pentatonic scales provide a useful tool for creating tritone subs that have multiple alterations. n this lesson, I’ll show you a couple of exercises for practicing pentatonic scale based tritone substitutions on static unaltered dominant chords and in ii-V-1 progressions.

Part 4 – Conceptualizing the Tritone Sub
In this part of the lesson, you’ll learn a number of exercises for developing the concept of tritone subs both mentally and on your instrument. You’ll learn how to practice tritone subs around the Cycle of Dominants and in ii-V-I’s through the keys.

Part 5 – Tritone Subs & Soloing
In this part, you’ll learn how to practice and include tritone subs in your solos on the tunes; Recorda Me, How High the Moon, and Out of Nowhere. This will prepare you for practicing and incorporating tritone subs in your day-to-day soloing.

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