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In this 3-part series, you’ll learn how various inflection techniques, time, articulation,
and phrasing all have their roles in creating great improvised solos.

View samples from the lessons in this YouTube Playlist


Play the Blues on any Tune
Learn how to use blues scale based sounds on the chords of most jazz standards. Using the chord progression to the tune, There Will Never be Another You, I take you chord-to-chord with suggestions for sounds that provide that soulful, blues sound that is still very chordal specific. Video, Play-Along Track, and Written File included.

Soloing With Style
Based on a transcription by one of my subscribers of my solo in the introduction to the
lesson on But Not For Me, this lesson identifies inflection techniques I use in my solos.
You’ll learn about the articulation, bends and scoops, alternate fingerings, and more
that I use to personalize my sound.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced

The Stylings of Stanley Turrentine’s Summertime
We’ll explore the blues stylings on 6 licks from Stanley Turrentine’s solo on
Summertime taken from the album, Up At Minton’s. I’ll reference points in the
recording you can find on YouTube as we dive into various aspects of the way he plays
things. No transpositions of the licks are provided, since some of his sounds are
specific to the key of E minor on sax. I have included separate play-along tracks in E
Minor for Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, and Concert Pitch instruments.
Skill Level: Medium

Focus on Phrasing
Learn about the phrasing techniques: Call & Response, Point Up-Point Down,
Sequencing, and Theme & Development. I use play-along tracks based on the blues
and sections from Take the A Train, Blue Bossa, and Recorda-me to demonstrate and
explain these phrasing techniques. Play-along tracks included.
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced

Summertime and the Diminished Scale

As a free bonus when purchasing the the Complete Sound and Style set, this lesson offers an exercise for incorporating the diminished scale into your solos on the classic tune, Summertime.

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