Stage III Lesson Series


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For musicians with a reasonable amount of jazz experience and good basic skills looking to step it up a notch. View samples from the lessons in this YouTube Playlist:

Stage III

Relating the Pentatonics, Parts 3&4
In Part 3, you’ll earn how to use pentatonic scales for improvising on dominant chords and in the blues. Part 4 shows how to use pentatonics to improvise on a funk based blues groove.

Through the Keys Part 1; The Circle of Fourths and Dominants
A method for learning the “Circle of Fourths” and for practicing concepts, phrases, and licks on dominant chords in all keys using the “Cycle of Dominants.”

Through the Keys Part 2; ii-V-I’s: The Modal View
Learn the major ii-V-I chord progression through Dorian, Mixolydian, and Major scales. Exercises are provided to help you learn to play phrases and licks over ii-V-I

The Arpeggio Circle, Parts 1&2
A technique using circle patterns for practicing and internalizing the arpeggios associated with the chord changes to most standard tunes. The chord progression from, “You Stepped Out of a Dream,” is used in the exercises.

Technique Through Concepts Parts 1&2
A strategy for incorporating technique and harmony building patterns in your practice and solos.

Minor to Minor: Understanding the Scales
Sort out the confusion and begin understanding the most common types of minor scales used in jazz.

The Rock and Blues Series
Lesson topics include the V-IV Turnaround, Rock & Blues Vocabulary, Common Rock & Blues Forms, and Licks From the Greats. Lots material for crossing the bridge between jazz and rock & blues playing!

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Complete Series [All Lessons Included], Relating the Pentatonic, Parts 3&4, Through the Keys, Part 1 – The Circle of Fourths & Dominants, Through the Keys, Part 2 – ii-V-I’s; The Modal View, Technique Through Concepts, Parts 1&2, Minor to Minor: Understanding the Scales, The Rock and Blues Series (4-Lesson Set), The Arpeggio Circle


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