Online saxophone lessons for beginners.

Learn to play the saxophone with a JAZZ approach.

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Click on the links below to enjoy the free introductory saxophone lessons. A saxophone fingering chart, sax assembly video, instructions on holding sax, making sounds, and learning to read music, are all provided, free of charge.

Developed by jazz education author, long-term private teacher, and Emory University jazz saxophone instructor, Randy Hunter, these lessons teach the basics of saxophone playing with a jazz focus.
Lessons available for tenor or alto sax.

Here's what's included in the series:

1. Written instruction is provided with each lesson. Included are "Playing Exercises" and information on interpreting and understanding the new concepts introduced in each lesson. Supplemental and review exercises are also included with most lessons.

2. An MP4 video is included with each lesson. The video provides additional instruction and tips on how to practice and understand the concepts and exercises provided in each written (PDF) lesson.

2. MP3 demonstrations of the "Playing Exercises" are included with each lesson.

3. Lessons 3-10 each include an additional audio (MP3) lesson entitled "Jammin'." These lessons provide an introduction to jazz improvisation and include play-along examples.

4. A separate play-along track (MP3) with a top notch professional rhythm section is included with Lessons 3-10, so you can have fun learning to improvise and "Jammin'" on your own.





An overview of
"Beginning Saxophone: The Jazz Approach"
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Getting Started ALTO
Getting Started TENOR


Randy Hunter, saxophones; Guy Fenocchi, guitar; Tim Nash, drums; John Hooper, bass.


Level 3 Jazz Etudes
Introductory Etudes in Jazz Comprehension, Book 1
Complete Jazz Styles Duets Book 1
Set The Stage Combo series

Educational books from Randy Hunter Jazz:
Randy Hunter Jazz features the “Complete Jazz Styles” series of jazz etude, duet, & combo books. This site offers material for private and group instruction. For advanced players, or students just learning to play jazz, books in this series offer instruction on jazz styles ranging from swing, to bop, funk, rock, & Latin.

New Release: Level Three: Jazz Etudes for Saxophone

Level Three includes 24 advanced jazz saxophone etudes with a play-along disc containing slow & fast accompaniment tracks & demonstrations. An extensive section on jazz theory is included.

Jazz etude & duet books are available for tenor sax, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, flute. Jazz combo books are available for wind & rhythm section instruments.