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CATEGORY: Jazz Education
TITLE: Jazz Saxophone for Beginners
DESC.: Jazz Improvisation lessons and online saxophone lessons for beginners. Learn how to play the saxophone with a jazz approach. Free introductory sax lessons.
Click the link to see Randy's video review of Kanee Mouthpieces


Randy Hunter Jazz: Jazz saxophone etude & duet books, combo arrangements, play-along CD's, & free jazz lessons by Atlanta saxophone player, Randy Hunter
Jazzbeat: Jazz books, jazz education material, jazz lessons, beginning saxophone lessons, jazz CDs, DVDs, jazz gifts, jazz merchandise, jazz reviews, and music websites are all found at Jazzbeat. Exhibit your jazz products for free.
Jazz Everyone: The Jazz Everyone language system will get you improvising right away through their online lessons. All instruments, all levels.
Jazz Book Reviews: Jazz book reviews for jazz musicians
Jazz Quotations: the #1 resource on the web for quotes & sayings about Jazz!
250 Jazz Patterns: A new aid for learning jazz improvisation
Blues & Rhythm Changes in All Keys: A new aid for linear improvisation
Coltrane Changes: Educational Jazz Book: How you can master improvising over a number of John Coltrane’s compositions.
Jeff Rzepiela: Scooby Sax: The website of Jeff Rzepiela: Information about Jeff's performances, thoughts on jazz improvisation, jazz solo transcriptions, & information on teaching activities.
Jazz Link Enterprises: Website of Jude Hibler & Dale Bruning featuring educational jazz books, CD's, & concert information.
Jazz-Institute Darmstadt: The Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, sponsored by the city of Darmstadt, harbors one of Europe's largest public jazz collections, including books, journals, recordings & photos.
David Beecroft: Learning jazz improvisation - Books & CD's
MILES Ahead: a Miles Davis website
Jazz Guitar Resources: Resources, listings & links for jazz guitarists and archtop guitar builders & fans. Over 200 luthiers & 500 plus jazz guitarists listed.
Learn & Master Guitar review: Teach yourself to play guitar at home using award winning dvd guitar lessons.


Divine Design: Specialty signs, window design, website design, hand-made jewelry, custom stained glass, limited edition note cards, & an original line of jazz cards are offered by graphic artist Donna Buckalew Hunter.
Metronome: a site that lets you listen to your metronome before you buy. Wittner, Seiko, Matrix, Cherub, Dr Beat, Intelli, Qwik time, Korg, & Franz Metronomes, Tuners, electronic pitch pipes, & accessories.
Memory Lane Records: Memory Lane specializes in out-of-print Records & Compact Discs. With over 100,000 listings, you will also find selected new LP Records & import CD items. We have been shipping world wide for over 26 years.
Crazy Energy Productions: Site of Jens Wendelboe: Trombonist, composer, arranger, & conductor. Sales of CD's, Sheet Music, Orchestras
The Bebop Shop: The online record shop for bebop, hardbop, & modern jazz
Chasons Music: Features three innovative brass accessories which are geared toward the working & aspiring brass player: OcToBrass™, Chasons Hybrid Crossover mouthpieces, & the Acoustic Personal Monitor™. The site also has resources to help the performing Jazz brass player.
OcToBrass™: Showcases the new & intriguing buzzing device OcToBrass™. This helps the musician keep their embouchure in top shape, even if they have to be away from their horn for a few days or a few weeks.
Jazz Art Paintings by Ken Joslin: Bold and Colorful Acrylic Music Artworks

SAXOPHONE: The home of Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano Tutor – Dan Christian. Here you will find saxophone and music theory lessons and resources.
Cafe Saxophone: The New Cafe Saxophone is the ideal online place for saxophone players to meet, have a chat, a debate, listen to & critique each others' playing, share ideas or just find stuff out.
RS Berkeley Musical Instruments: Vintage meets modern technology
Just Saxes: Located in Mid-City, New Orleans, at Just Saxes, you'll find vintage & new saxophones, mouthpieces & cases, as well as articles & links to sites related to vintage saxophones & horn-shopping
LOCOPARASAXO Wall-Mounted Sax Stands- Our stands are especially designed to keep these beautifull instuments safe & in perfect working condition! Your saxophone will sit snug & secure, always handy & beautifully on display!
Best Saxophone Website Ever: The best saxophone tips, techniques, reviews, overviews, interviews, & just about anything else for the saxophone player looking to improve their craft & have a great time doing it.
The Saxophone Guide: Guide to choosing alto, tenor, soprano, baritone, & other saxophones. Discusses the saxophone family.


Paul Cheneour - Flautist/Composer: Site of Paul Cheneour, solo & group flautist. Paul's individual style on the flute is a rich world fusion of east-west arabic classical & jazz with spontaneous flute composition & extended flute techniques.



Sheet Music at Music Forte: Sheet music & songbooks for every occasion. Music Forte carries popular & hard-to-find for all instruments.



Instrument Wire: Used musical instruments, guitars and saxophones
Bob's Guitar Lessons Online: Online guitar lessons is designed to teach you about the different picking styles, help you get the most out of your hand movements, and show you how to pick more quickly and accurately.
Masters in Early Childhood: Master's degree programs in Early Childhood Education from accredited schools.
Guitar Lessons in Cardiff: Music teachers in Cardiff & South Wales; piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons bass lessons & many other instruments
Audio Mastering: Professional audio mastering that gets songs sounding their best.
Drum Shields: Get clear percussion sound in churches, sound studios & on stage with ClearSonic acrylic drum shields.
Guitar Tutorial: Guitar Tricks is the pioneer of online guitar lessons. Their core learning system has everything you need to get started. Thousands of guitar lessons in all styles, techniques, artist studies, & even learn your favorite songs.
DVD CD Case: China Manufacturer offers DVD Case, CD Case, Bluray DVD Case, Aluminum Cases & Related products.
Learn To Play Guitar: Learn to play the guitar by watching online video guitar lessons available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Forguitar: Chicago's Guitar Directory
Chicago Voice Lessons: Chicago's Choice for Lessons & Recording Studios
Breakbeat Cafe: Breakbeats, drumloops, breaks, classic breakbeats, hip hop beats, samples
Marrell Musical Instrument Repair: Marrell Musical Instrument Repair provides quality instrument repair at a competitive & affordable price.

Craig's BigBands & BigNames: Featuring historic reviews & photos of vintage performances in NYC

Music Stands Alone: K & M music stands for guitars, peak folding music stands, bulk music stands, lap top music stand, laurel 853 standard music stand, music stands alone, package deals for stands guitars & violins, adjustable laurel speaker stand.
Microphones For Less: CB compressor mics, bone mics, cascade microphones, instrument microphones, ribbon microphone, computer microphones, drum mics, parabolic microphone.
The Jazz Journalists Association: Articles, photos, forums, news, links from the Jazz Journalists Association
Sittin' In with Helen Borgers: “Sittin In” is a one hour jazz music & interview show featuring interviews that range from the greatest names in jazz to the best of the “up & comers”!
Images of Jazz: The jazz photography of Brian O'Connor
The Arizona Classic Jazz Society: The Mission of the Arizona Classic Jazz Society is to perpetuate, promote & present the American art form known as jazz during the period in which the music was created & celebrated through such styles as Dixieland (Trad Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Classic Jazz, New Orleans Jazz) & Swing.
BRUNI Gallery: An explosive experience of color & soul, encompassing over 1,300
original oil Jazz Paintings.
Bass Clarinet: A fine Selmer Paris professional Bass Clarinet to low Eb.
Piano Lessons Online: Play Piano with Tammy: Beginner Piano lessons online by Ika Mardianti, basic simple piano lessons Free for kids, young and adults.
Djembe African Hand Drums: The largest Djembe Drum Factory in all of Asia, we produce musical instruments ranging from African Hand Drums to Percussion and many more
Meinl Cymbals: Ride, Crash, Drum Cymbals: Providing different type of cymbals; Sabian Cymbals, Meinl Cymbals, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Drum Cymbals, China Cymbal and Hi Hat Cymbals
Kathryn Brickell Music : Piano & Guitar Lessons in Your Home: We are known for our great teachers & for our high success rate of matching the right teacher with the student. Our teachers are patient, experienced & make learning fun.
Music Licensing Company: The function of as a music licensing company, is to protect the rights to your music so as to prevent any mistreat or illegitimate use of your creation. With us, your music will reach audience, but in the legitimate way.
Magic Microphone Karoake: offers magic sing karaoke microphones, sub mics & accessories to sing along & record your own singing with song chips have free loaded Songs in different languages.
Guitar Speed Learn to conquer technique & master guitar speed with techniques like sweep picking, tapping & alternate picking.
Cartoon Logos & Custom Comic Strips: Jason Nocera of Niche Cartoons


Devin Hunter Art: Oil paintings by Devin Hunter. Artistic styles include abstract, impressionism, realism, & surrealism. Landscape art.